Keeping Compliance Compliant

Set yourself up for compliance success now & into the future

The 7 fundamental elements

  • 1 Implement written policies, procedures, and standards of conduct
  • 2 Designate a Compliance Officer and Compliance Committee
  • 3 Conduct effective training and education
  • 4 Develop effective lines of communication
  • 5 Enforce standards through well-publicized disciplinary guidelines
  • 6 Conduct internal monitoring and auditing
  • 7 Respond promptly to detected offenses and undertake corrective action

Link Compliance can ensure that your compliance program is in alignment with these seven fundamental elements. By identifying compliance gaps, we can recommend: appropriate resources; develop and deliver training; draft and implement policies; and provide organizations with the ability to establish, demonstrate and maintain a vigorous compliance structure.


Organizations are becoming increasingly subjected to a greater level of compliance risk.


Risk Assessment & Gap Analysis

Our risk assessment and gap analysis will cost-effectively evaluate the compliance risks specific to your Company. Using the OIG’s Seven Elements, Link Compliance will perform a high-level review of your compliance risk mitigation efforts with a focus on policies, practices, processes, and documents.

The results of this risk assessment and gap analysis will alert you to the possible frequency and magnitude of your risks. You will receive a prioritized, forward-looking ethics and compliance plan guiding you on how to address the risks that are unique to your industry, region and organization. Our action plans will provide you with the necessary steps to take to address and remedy gaps.

Compliance Program Plan

A comprehensive Compliance Program Plan is designed to monitor, detect, correct, and, as necessary, take disciplinary action, with respect to activities or practices that do not comply with the law or Company policies and expectations.

The ultimate goal of the Compliance Program Plan is to ensure that Company employees have the knowledge and resources necessary to comply with these policies, laws, rules, and regulations

Implementation Roadmap

Upon completion of our risk assessment and gap analysis, we will provide comprehensive recommendations on how to align your compliance program with the “seven elements”. Our proposals will constitute a detailed roadmap to achieve compliance success across your organization and Link Compliance will work with you to develop and implement all solutions.

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